To our Fans, Friends and Visitors:

Isn’t it amazing in these modern digital days how one disgruntled and angry person can get a forum to try and undo, diminish and ruin the positive work of another? There was a recent post on the Humble ISD Parents Facebook page (that has since been removed) from an individual saying THE GYM is an unsafe and negative place for people to visit. The statements made are not true and are unfair to my family and the thousands plus children and adults that visit THE GYM weekly.


After a complaint made to me by this person, I investigated the incident he made me aware of, and my findings were:

  1. 1. The new construction area had been secured and blocked off by several means including trash barrels to keep people from entering the new court. There actually was no danger going into this area since the doorways were not cute until the construction was virtually finished. There wasn’t any sawdust on the floor of the existing courts.
  2. 2. There was an incident between this person and another coach which words were exchanged. Upon discussions with several people who were there at the time, no one could collaborate this person’s account of what he alleges happened. Furthermore, the community basketball league has had difficulty with this person in the past.

Only hours after receiving the first notification of the alleged incident and while I was still conducting my investigation, this person began sending threatening emails and posts. At that time, I decided to ban this person from THE GYM. He is obviously taking his anger and vendetta to social media. I hope you will recognize this disgruntled person for who he is!

We appreciate all of you for your continued patronage of THE GYM.


Jerry Lavey

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